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From development to operative support - We will help you!

Agile software development, interface implementation, PDM/PLM implementation, training, support and much more...

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perfectly meshed

Interfaces are connections in business processes. From data bases, web APIs to specific CAD or PDM interfaces there is very few we haven't already connected before.

ensure continuity

Is your data captured in a legacy system? We help to save your most valuable asset - your data. We migrate your data into the new target system. We do not only provide out-of-the box solutions implementing industrialized processes. You can also rely on our experience we gained over the last years.

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nxtINFO, cloud, server

You need an app, a web or desktop application? That's our business! And if you want we can provide a backend system out of the box and/or integrate your existing systems. Yes, it's that easy!

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our passion

You need to implement a complex software project with an agile development approach? Or do you need a quick, simple solution? Whether you need a desktop, web, mobile or cloud solution - you have come to the right place!

Seeking for talents

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Know-How and Experience

Our employees are highly trained engineers, mathematicians, software developers and consultants. With different skills and know-how we are used to tackle and solve different problems. Our years of experience are based on the implementation of systems and software systems in real-world scenarios. We have successfully carried out in several projects and various industries. Our clients are small, medium-sized companies or huge enterprises and global players.

Teamwork and scaling

Teamwork is very important to us. That way we can contribute in a new environment technically and in dealing with customers and other project staff very shortly. We have a wide range of services and can support efficient and scalable. Whether temporarily within the project or in mid- or long-term operation or by individuals or large teams. Whether onsite, remote or in offshore operation - We support each scenario.

Our performance spectrum

PDM/PLM Implementation

We support you throughout the entire process. From process analysis to system selection, implementation and operational support. We support all common PDM / PLM and CAD systems. Frequently, we have worked in recent years with systems together with the following manufacturers:

  • Autodesk
  • ARAS
  • Dassault
  • PTC
  • Siemens

Migration / Integration

Integrations and migrations are normally very expensive and require a lot of experience and deep understanding of the technology and processes. We not only have that experience but also the right tools and migration environments. Challenge us! There is hardly anything that we have not connected before.

  • Customer/Supplier Integration, Data-Exchange
  • (Legacy) Data migration
  • System separation
  • System integration

Software development

We support you over the whole development process and pave the way to innovation. Through this we provide a measurable competitive advantage - since finally it is all about your business! Nexxtsoft is your partner for development of applications, mobile apps and backend server solution. Our development team stands for professional software development based on Android, iOS, Windows and web technologies.

  • Requirements management
  • (agile) Software development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Project-Management and project-controlling

Operative support

You want to absorb temporary peaks? Or do you need support to bring new project teams on short? Use our know-how and our experience from PDM training concepts to more complicated DevOps. We are your partner.

  • Engineering Support
  • PDM/PLM Training
  • Project coaching
  • DevOps setup and operations
  • Application management
  • Business process management