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PDM/PLM migration

Your CAD and PDM / PLM data is valuable! And we have the right tool for your migration.


The right tool for your migration projects

Why should you migrate

If you have a legacy system in use, you have created valuable information and design data over the years. These data and Informtionen represent a valuable asset, which should be saved in any case.


When using our migration tools, you can export all relevant data from your legacy system (s) and temporarily stored in the database nxtMIGRATOR. Numerous functions allow you to analyze, modify or combine different data and information.
Using our unique technology, you are also capable of checking the consistency of your CAD data and restore references when needed. This ensures that meta data and CAD data is in sync.
We support the most popular CAD and PDM / PLM systems. Contact us. We intended to find a solution!


Data import and export

By means of different adapters and interface metadata and CAD data are exported.

  • Import / export in batch or interaktive
  • Definition of addiction and export filters
  • Import / export of meta data and physical files
  • Multi-Site capability
  • Processing of parallel import / export processes

Analysis and conflict treatment

Around 40% of all references are invalid or malformed due to name changes or other reasons. nxtMIGRATOR offers many features for analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Filter, search and analysis of data
  • Import / Export von Metadaten aus dem nxtMIGRATOR Repository (CSV, EXCEL, XML, andere)
  • Interaktive editing of meta data
  • System specific conflict tests and solving errors
  • Checking for completeness of the data and files
  • Consistency check of meta data

Data Mapping

After reviewing the data you must adapt it for the target system. For this there are numerous mapping Mechnanismen available.

  • Properties
  • Lifecycle and lifecycle states
  • Revisions and versions
  • Folder mapping
  • Further (programmatic oder script based)

Support and adjusting

nxtMIGRATOR is an open system that can be expanded according to your needs. Of course we support you in this or perform the migration completely for you.

  • API and interface
  • nxtMIGRATOR training
  • Project coaching
  • Migration as service