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Backend Out Of The Box

The flexible backend system that can provide all your applications.


A backend system. Countless interfaces. All platforms.

What a backend systems should achieve

A backend system should be more than just a database or a database interface. It should provide the most basic functions for the operation of applications. This includes the ability to flexibly define data models, implement access rules that can manage documents, control version management, workflow management support and much more.
In addition, all standard front-end architectures should be supported: Desktop, Web, Mobile, etc.
In practice, approximately 30% of total project costs are on recreating this basic functionality. Again and again and again. If you do not want to reinvent the wheel again, nxtINFO offers an excellent alternative. Flexible. Secure. Easy.


nxtINFO provides the core object-oriented data model engine, with which you can support any application model. The API consisting of reinforced technologies (such as SOA, JSON, REST), the data and functions are provided on the front end.
In addition, we offer many standard applications as additional plug & play modules. So you can combine all the modules or individual functions with your applications.


Data model and core functions

  • Object-oriented data modeling
  • Access concept multi-user and multi-client capability.
  • Document management
  • Version and revision management
  • Life-Cycle-Management

Interfaces and architecture

  • Microsoft .NET Interfaces
  • XML, JSON, REST, SOA Interfaces
  • File import/export functions

Front-End support

We support all common Front-End platforms

  • Windows (Forms, WPF)
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Web

Support and enterprise

nxtINFO is a low-maintenance and easy to administer system. Of course we support you when needed or host your application as a cloud solution.

  • API and interface training
  • nxtINFO administrator training
  • Project coaching
  • Application development
  • Application hosting