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implement innovation

Innovative implementations. To create a measurable business advantage. With focus, methods and success. That's it.

get the grip

From design to engineering and manufacturing - we know the requirements of OEMs and suppliers.

fascination of technology

From small business to big enterprise - we deliver solutions for your requirements.

processes effectively meshed

Together we spin the big wheel and let everything interlink.

up in the air

We support our customers in aviation industry: OEMs, supplier and airlines.

Seeking for talents

Ready for a new challenge? Then you may be interested the following...



It's not only about concepts but results.





The skillset for accomplishment

Innovative ideas are only helping your business if you are able to execute them. For this purpose you need a partner understanding both: technology and your business. A partner with excellence skills and know-how about your industry. That is our aspiration.

We support you over the whole distance.

We support you through the whole process from idea management over implementation and further at operations. The main aspect is our capability to optimize your interfaces between enterprise management and technology. That's the way of achieving efficient decisions for operations.

Our performance spectrum

Analysis, Strategy, Implementation, Support. Where is your need? Contact us!

Process Consulting

Where is the problem? Which friction losses are there? Which work is redundant or not in progress? After a short survey we can take a picture and coordinate with you, what potential you can utilize in the future.

  • Process Review
  • Process Check-Up

Strategic Consulting

Whether you simply want to get a grip on your CAD processes, or are looking for a PLM strategy to drive international cooperation: We help you to develop the right strategy. Continuously. Reliable. Optimal.

  • Business Case Study
  • Business Plan Development
  • (Global) CAD/PLM Strategy
  • Customer/Supplier Process
  • System Integration after Acquisition/Merger

Technical Consulting

We put your strategy to work together. We know the technologies and know what and how to do something. Benefit from our experience. Whether you are planning a new deployment project, rearrange your system environment or to integrate existing systems after a merger or acquisition.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Customer/Supplier Integration
  • (Legacy) Data Migration
  • System Separation
  • Project Management

Operative Support

You must absorb temporary peaks? Or do you need support to bring new project teams on track? Use our know-how and our expertise from PDM training concepts to more complicated DevOps. We are your partner.

  • Engineering Support
  • PDM/PLM Training
  • Project Coaching
  • DevOps Setup and Operations
  • Application Management
  • Business Process Management