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ProINTRALINK 3.x Migration to Autodesk Vault Professional

Your Design Data is your Asset. Save it to a Vault!

Migration to Autodesk Vault Professional
Migrate your data from ProINTRALINK 3.x systems to Autodesk Vault Professional.

Why you should migrate

If you  are using PTC's ProENGINEER or CREO you might have used ProINTRALINK 3.x in order to manage your engineering data. For many years you have created loads of valuable information and your design data incorporated with ProINTRALINK meta data - such as lifecycle information, properties, revision history etc. - became an asset for your whole company.

Isn't it worth to save this information in your new PDM system?

Solution Approach

Using our migration tools you can define migration projects based on XML technology, operating as an intermediate information repository to hold all exported data from ProINTRALINK. This approach allows you to analyze and modify (flavour) all data independently from your ProINTRALINK system.

Features and Benefits

Data Export from ProINTRALINK

  • Query for ProINTRALINK data to define export data set
  • Import ProLocate reports from ProINTRALINK to define export data set
  • Export metadata and / or physical files from ProINTRALINK

Data Analysis and Resolution

  • Filter, search and analyse data in export XML repository.
  • Edit metadata directly
  • Export metadata to CSV and reimport from spread sheet applications such as MS Excel
  • Perform ProINTRALINK conflict checks
  • Perform checks for missing files and corrupt structures
  • Repair / Heal features to pull missing data from ProINTRALINK

Data Mapping and Data Import to Autodesk Vault Professional

  • Define mappings for Properties, Lifecycle, Categories, Revision scheme information
  • Import data into Vault using Autodesk Dataloader (fully integrated)

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